SEO Minisite Network Guide – Part 1

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What is a SEO Minisite Network

An SEO Minisite is a website with about 6-10 pages of high quality content that is HAND WRITTEN by someone knowledgeable in the Minisite theme, every article has 1-3 links to authority websites, the “best” article on the minisite has the optimized link that goes to your “money site”, you can chain the minisites by linking from one to the other contextually in 1 or 2 articles, but not any more than that.

This can be scaled up as much as you want and can afford, I have done this with aftermarket domains that didnt really have any PR or Backlinks(there was maybe 5) and seen unexpected amount of success from these simple websites and managed to shoot myself up the rankiungs by over 150 places over 2 days for a relatively high value keyword(Yes seriously..).


Choosing a Website Platform

One of the most time consuming things about building minisites and publishing articles to them on self-hosted platforms is setting up some sort of CMS or blogging platform, although WordPress is great and all, there is so many WordPress sites out there and they are a constant target for hackers, and they often get too-slow and bloated for simple and quick minisites like the ones we will be making.


My CMS of Choice: qUICK.cms

Quick.CMS (The free one) is an insanely simple and easy CMS system that you can install through Softaculous or manually (follow their documentation), once it’s setup, it is as simple as going to /admin.php and logging in with your username and password, then you are presented with this screen:


Publishing content is as simple as hovering over the “page” tab and clicking on “add new page”, which will instantly send you right into this editing window, if you are one of the people who pre-prepare your content in advance instead of coming up with it on the spot (like I do) then you could just paste it into there, or you can write your article right there.


QuickCMS works in a little bit different way from what you might be used to, unlike wordpress that has pages, categories and posts, QuickCMS only has pages, you assign the page a menu location, which is usually either the top menu or the sidebar, I like to put all my articles in the sidebar and an “about me” page in the top menu.

You can also set a parent of a page to create a more complex structure to your pages, there is also an option to create a “redirection” page, which is basically just like adding a link in the menu that can link to anywhere, you could use this to link to another minisite, but I woujld discurage that as it might look spammy, we’ve all come across those sites with massive keyword anchor linksoup in the footer, it looks spammy and it’s not going to do any good for your SEO in this case, these minisites are your 1st tier links.

You can use whatever platform you are comfortable with, But i’m going to use QuickCMS in the following guides.


Content Requirements

Before you head over to part 2 of this guide I recommend that you prepare some content for our first site, here is the article requirements:

  • 5 – 7 Articles each article must be hand written and around 500-800 Words
  • 1 “About me” page with fake, made up information about the “author of the website”.
  • It must make sense, by that I mean that I should be able to read it and understand what it says.
  • 1-3 contextual links to authority sites like Wikipedia per article.
  • One GREAT article with 1(ONLY ONE) contextual link to your money site in the beginning part of the article ( first 200 words ~ )
  • 2 contextual links to another minisite in your network in 2 different articles.
  •  Each article should have 1 or 2 relevant-ish images, if you’re feeling fancy you can add an alt tag to the image with some relevant description.
  • (optional) If you feel really fancy, you can add a related video(embedded YouTube videos) into one or 2 of your articles.

Remember, we are trying to make a legit looking and actual helpful website within out niche, we’re not really making an SEO website, we are making an informal minisite with information that is relevant and useful, links to authority pages and is written by a real(fake) person.

If you don’t follow those step, it wont work.

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  1. Lawrence Mak

    I think SEO is one of the best methods that help your website get more exposure, but sometimes it is time consume and expensive. There are some other methods to promote your website, like writing articles and submit to ezines, participation in blogs and forums, make use of Facebook and other social media, and you can advertise your website too.

  2. vicente

    Where’s part two, man? =/


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