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I like to “window shop” on Flippa, i find it quite entertaining to read the descriptions on websites people have made, and determining if it is a site that was created to be sold, or if it was a successful website the owner can no longer run or maintain?

There are one specific type of website that keeps popping up on Flippa recently, and that is the “PLR Health Blogs”, which is a very simple blog, with a simple theme, with 20-50 already posted PLR Articles on weight loss, dieting or other various health topic with usually with Adsense, a Comission Junction Offer or a Clickbank Ebook or various other form of monetization.

These sites are usually sold for around $100 – $200, which I though was pretty interesting seeing as you can get a pack of PLR articles for free – $20 and a domain for $10, and if you slap an install of WordPress and a free theme on that you have just invested $30 in something that could potentially be sold for over $100 with a little bit of work and salesmanship.

That is of course… if you promote it right.


I would imagine if you make a few of these and let them sit and gain PR over a period of time, build backlinks with a drip-feed method over 4-6 months and write a good sales pitch for your Flippa listing, you could quite reasonably expect to get around $100 for one of these blogs, granted that they do in fact have PR and a decent Domain.

If you do it right these sites could pay for themselves with Adsense after a few months and gain you passive income.

I will definitively be trying this in the future, and report my findings and techniques once I am ready to make my sale.

5 Responses to “Selling PLR Blogs on Flippa”

  1. Michael Leng

    I like your writing and web designate. It’s very useful and eyes friendly.

  2. Jim

    Sorry but i disagree with your idea. It’s true you setup the blog with 30 bucks and might sell it for 100. It seems easy money.
    But there is no free lunch at Wall Street, nor on the web.
    The effort (number of hours) you have to put to build content and daily promote each blog is huge, you might sell for 100 bucks a blog in which you easily put in 100 hours. A 1 dollar per hour salary is not that great!

    • Helge Sverre

      Most of the blogs i have seen on Flippa is a month old, It’s true that to have a successful website you need to promote it to the right audience, but these types of blogs are just created, then sold, and the buyer have to promote it themselves, Not sure why anyone would want to buy them… but people seem to do it, so why not get in on it while you still can. ;)

      This is not something i would do, I am in the process of creating a software review blog for myself actually, but I’m taking my time to get the design right, the plugins to work nicely together and various other things before I start creating content. (the site is going to be a software review blog).

  3. Azri Johan

    so, what is your findings on this experiment? :)


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