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Review of: Rank Tracker
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On September 7, 2013
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I am quite impressed with the software, it works efficiently, its fast and it gets the job done, It represents its data very nicely and gives me a great overview of how my keywords are performing.

RankTracker Review

Rank Tracker is tool for tracking your websites keyword ranking performance and is a part of the SEO Powersuite from Link-Assistant, which are the leaders in SEO Software(their words).

After using RankTracker from Link-assistant for a while now, I must say I am quite impressed with the software, it works efficiently, fast and gets the job done!

When you first start up RankTracker you will be presenter with a wizard which will guide you through setting up your first project, you enter the URL to the website you want to keep track of.

Then select the search engine, I just put this to the Google US search engine, and then enter your keywords,.

It then starts going to the search engines you specified, and starts looking for your URL with the keywords you searched for, by default it checks the first 100 positions, but you can set this to whatever you like (max 200), I set this at 150 because i like to have a larger overview of my SERP.

The default work-space looks like this:

Rank Tracker Default Workspace

You have get 4 columns that you can sort your keywords by in the default work-space, the default ones that RankTracker gives you are “#”, “Keyword”, “Google Rank” and “Tags”, I personally like to change these to my own preferences.

I do this by right clicking on the column title and adding “# Searches”, “Visitors”, “Competion”, “Google Difference”, “KEI”,”bounce rate” and “notes”, this gives me the information that I need as well as some extra metrics I might be interested in tracking for historical reasons.

After I’m done customizing, My work-space looks like this:

My Ranktracker Workplace

The “Google Difference” will give me a green up or red down arrow with a number on the side, this tells me how my SERP for that keyword increased or decreased since the last time that it checked, this is quite handy little feature that i suggest you take advantage of.

RankTracker also integrates with Google Analytics to import keywords, and get additional information about your keywords like number of visitors for your keyword, the bounce rate for your keywords and a lot more.

When you select a keyword from the list the bottom view changes to display historical information represented by a graph of your keyword position.

Ranktracker Progress Graph


Video Tutorial and Overview

I created a video tutorial/overview of the software that shows how to setup a project in RankTracker, as well as some settings and additional features.
I also show you how i like to setup my work-space columns and various other things.


I highly recommend that you download the Rank Tracker Free Trial to test it out on your own, If you like it, I would recommend you get the professional version, unless you want the ability to publish and save reports, in that case you should get the Enterprise version.

Once I get the money together I will probably upgrade to the Enterprise version and start selling rank tracking services on both SEOClerks and Fiverr.

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  1. Helge Sverre Hessevik Liseth

    Quick tip: If you find that proxies are slow, it might be faster for you to actually disable the proxies, and just use a direct connection, I can get out around 30~ keywords in a relatively short amount of time before i get captcha’ed.


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