How to Sell Traffic Gigs on SEOClerks

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Getting traffic for your website is essential, and certain people are desperate for fast results and high hit counts for their website or squeeze page.

This is something a smart person like yourself could easily monetize by selling these individuals targeted bulk traffic in their niche and a targeted country.

I took a look at one of the sellers with the highest order count in the Traffic category on SEOClerks, the one i look at was from a user called Karoshio.

Since I do not know where he is reselling this traffic from I cannot give an accurate representation of what his real profit would be, but for this example let us say that he just buys a campaign from “”, and they charge $1 per 1000 visitors they send you.

Then he would have earned 1$ on each sale, which would put him at $179.


But Helge, How Do I Sell Traffic?

It is actually simpler than it sounds, there are a lot of traffic selling websites out there that offer a reseller account which lets you buy their services in bulk for a discounted price, and resell them to your customers.

I have compiled a list of the Top 3 reseller providers.

  1. Traffic-Masters – They’ve got a very nice control panel that you can use, and they’ve also got a back-end for clients if you wish to sell traffic on your own website.
  2. ChockerTraffic
  3. iTrafficPro


But simply having a traffic reseller account is not going to get you very many customers, as the title say you might want to use SEOClerks to sell this service instead of your own website, you need to

Make An Impressive Sales Pitch

Lets compare an average seller and a top seller on SEOClerks:


Top Seller Average Seller
Top Seller AverageSeller

An average seller will not use much time in creating their sales pitch, they will for example write “will send 10000 visitors to your website for $10” and be done with it, there is not images, no colors or Subheadings.

In comparison to a top seller which has a lot of information on their sales page, with bullet points, differently colored headings, subheadings, has bolded words and uses images to show results from their service.

By using headings and different colors you can make your service stand out from the rest, Blue and Red are recommended colors as they symbolize Trust and that the user should Take Action.

Top sellers also tend to include a Frequently Asked Questions section in their sales page and use symbols in their headings and titles like this: ★★★ Premium Traffic ★★.

Be sure to include a lot of information on what you are offering, the restrictions(for example: no adult or gambling sites), which Niches you offer, and be sure to mention that the traffic comes from Real Humans and not bots.

Also another way to increase your revenue from SEOClerks Gigs is by offering Service Extra’s, which is basically an “Addon to your service” For example. “Add 1,00 extra visitors for $2”, Be sure to take advantage of these extras.

Here is the Gig I gave as an example as the Top Seller


My Personal Experiences With Paid Traffic

I have purchased traffic to my squeeze page, to my own personal blog and to a software download site I have, although I have of course seen some success from it, it is not something I would be willing to put very much more money into.

In my opinion, traffic from forums or mailing lists give you a higher conversion ratio since your list and forum audience can feel like they know you and your reputation more, while a “cold” paid visitor would need much more convincing to purchase or sign up for your offer.

Therefore creating a very high converting and explaining the benefits of your offer or product would be highly advised, if not, you are most likely wasting your money on paid traffic.


Well, thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial on how to sell traffic.
Please don’t forget to share, comment and try it out for yourself!


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  1. Freddyjr

    Great information here man! This is definitely a good way to make money online. This is something new to learn today, I will definitely consider doing something like this and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure there is money to be made here.

    Nice site man! Thanks for sharing this information!

    Much success!

  2. annita

    is the traffic from these resellers fake or real?


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