Quick Tip: How to fix BuzzBundle Failures

When i first bought BuzzBundle, I had a huge problem with scraping failures when I tried to go out and grab posts from different places, I contacted the support team and they gave me these 3 simple things I could try to improve my scraping, I thought I’d them with you all.

  1. Preferences -> Search safety settings -> Human emulation: Visit search engines’ homepage ON; random delays ON (2-8 sec).
  2. Preferences -> Search safety settings -> Proxy rotation: ON, leave only private proxies checked; Look for new proxies OFF, Use direct connection ON
  3. Preferences -> Search safety settings -> CAPTCHA settings: Show CAPTCHA if queries are block ON


It’s recommended to get DEDICATED/PRIVATE proxies, you can grab some cheap ones from BuyProxies.org this is where I get my proxies.
Don’t use the Proxy scraper that is built into BuzzBundle as there are thousands of other people already scraping and using them, and therefore they get saturated and banned from the Search Engines..

I would recommend to get at least 10 private proxies, although the more you’ve got the better.

8 thoughts on “Quick Tip: How to fix BuzzBundle Failures

  1. David

    Why would you get banned from search engines for using BuzzBundle? Is the interaction directly on the forum, or social media network. How would the big G know what ip was used in the interaction?

    1. Helge Sverre Hessevik Liseth Post author

      it doesnt ban your site, it just blocks your ability to scrape google for awhile, it’s normal and not dangerous in any way. it’s jsut a way to keep automated programs, that is why you use proxies to circumvent this procedure

  2. Kulwant

    For me it’s taking too much time when I am adding new profile and connecting new accounts.

    Is it happening with you as well?

  3. Mike

    For me BuzzBundle is quite a mistery even today.
    The truth is that my time is too overloaded with other activities, but I hope that this summer I will give it another try.

  4. saikrishna

    Can anyone solve my problem?! Buzzbundle shows “Authentication Failed-Please check username and password for this profile” and the version is portable.

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