Top 5 SEOCerks Gigs to increase your SERP!

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SEOClerks is a website filled with thousands of “seo experts” pushing their products and services, this is both a good thing and a bad thing as there are thousands of low quality gigs that will either damage your site, or simply not deliver on their promise, sometimes they will even just out right scam you for your cash.

But, I there are also very many high quality gigs that will greatly improve your website rankings as shown in my seoclerks case study that I wrote a few months ago, where I took a look at 3 different gigs, put them into action on one of my sites and saw a great improvement in ranking.

I would say that I am a quite experienced SEOClerks buyer having purchased a lot of gigs and seen their power and weaknesses, So i decided to compile my list of the Top 5 SEOClerks Gigs that I have personally purchased and tested.


#5 – create PR4x15+ PR3x30+ PR2x30+ PR of the actual Backlinks Contextual , DoFollow Backlinks

Pretty standard linkbuilding service from a dude that knows what hes doing, I would exactly recommend these for your money site, run them through an seo switchbox or run them to a 2nd tier site.


# 4 – promote your website with my high level accounts on Yahoo Answers

Yahoo is a very popular Q&A website where thousands of people go to find solutions to problems or to simply get “what is the best thing/product/movie” recommendations, this is a great way to market a service while providing value to a prospective client, this service works very well with your money site.


# 3 – promote your website on 10 Quora questions

Same as above, but for a new up-n-comming Q&A website called Quora.


# 1 –  ROCKET YOUR RANKINGS With My ONE-STOP-SEO-SHOP Alpha Plus Package (Read my Case Study)

Two great services from the top seller on SEOClerks BarryInSiam, Barry actually has his own website that you might want to check out, although there is not a lot of content on there yet.

Barry is a great guy to work with, he is efficient and the services he provides are rock solid as seen in my case study, these links are safe for your money site.


And that is my recommended SEOClerks gigs, use them responsively and bear in mind that in the world of SEO, there is no such thing as a guarantee.

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