Scrapebox Tutorial – Check DoFollow/Nofollow Links

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So, today we are going to test a bunch of links to see if any of them have a link to our site and whether or not the links are DoFollow.

What is a DoFollow/NoFollow link?

The term NoFollow is meant for links which have the tag rel=”nofollow” set in their HTML anchor tag, this tells a search engine they should not follow and crawl that link, this is obviously not what we want, we want our links to be Dofollow, and we want Google to crawl our site.

If I were to make a link to that was nofollow it would look something like this: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” >Google!</a>

So when would we check a list of links?

Well, if you are a fan of SEOClerks such as I am, you might have purchased a service which promised to give you 100 DoFollow backlinks, and then they send you a report with all the URLS which now have a link to your website.

Some of these services can be a bit dodgy and you always want to check it your links actually are legit. to do this you would simply copy the links in the report(If the seller provided one), and run it through the Scrapebox DoFollow Tester.

I’ve made a convenient video that shows you how to do this.
In my example I’m using a report from a link building service I bought a few weeks ago for a website I built.


Video Tutorial


The tool used in this video is actually free to download:

7 Responses to “Scrapebox Tutorial – Check DoFollow/Nofollow Links”

  1. lodse

    well i don’t use much of software but can you tell me the one which can tell me exact backlinks to my site. I find different results when using different software…..don’t know why!

    • Helge Sverre

      The thing about Backlink checking software is that most of them pull their information from their own databases.

      So SEOMoz has their database, and MajesticSEO has their own etc.

      So to be honest, the only REAL way to get ALL your backlinks would be to use all of the software, export them in a list, and remove the duplicates.

      But for me, I only use one piece of software called SEO Spyglass, which is a part of the SEO Powersuite from

      And that is the one that has worked the best for me.

      Matthew Woodward who is a very popular SEO blogger published a comparison of a wide variety of Backlink Checking Software.
      You can read his post here:

  2. Josh

    You mention using SEOClerks any gigs that you particular recommend? That wont get sites slapped by Google

  3. angello

    Hi, i just want to know if there´s a way to get Google Local/Global Search Results right from Scrapebox? thanks!!

  4. Ian

    Whenever I use the DoFollow/NoFollow checker in Scrapebox I always get Completed, WP so I know they are WordPress blogs but in the other column it just says Unknown.

    Why can’t it tell me whether the pages are dofollow or nofollow? It seems like it really doesn’t work at all or am I missing something?

    • Helge Sverre Hessevik Liseth

      It might have something to do with the wordpress installation(files are not in the place they are usually in) or that there is no comments to check, oooor they might not be wordpress blogs.


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