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twitter-facebook-tagsAs you may know, Google is not using the <meta type="keywords">  for ranking anymore, in fact very few search engines are, although you should not neglect this Meta tag, your focus should be on other tags instead.

Here are 2 pieces of MicroData that you should add to your website to increase its potential to be shared and possibly ranked a little bit higher in the search engines.

These tags give Facebook and Twitter(and other social networks) various information about your blog post, website or article, this is so they can display your content in a more user-friendly way, as well as make them look more attractive to your readers.

We all want traffic, and with these tags, your chances of increasing your social media referrals improve dramatically.

The Open Graph Tags


This is the meta tags that Facebook uses for displaying website information in user’s timelines.

You should change the text in the  content="etc etc etc" tags to what is relevant for your own website, then check if your meta tags are working by using this validator.

Twitter Card Tags


These tags are used by Twitter, and they represent how your website will look when users share a link to your website or a blog post on your website.

I recommend that you use the “Summary” card(The code above is the code for the summary card).

Change the text inside the content="etc etc etc"  tags to whatever is relevant for your own website, then you can check if your markup is valid with the Twitter Card Validator.

Please note that Twitter requires you to verify your domain, this is as simple as requesting verification by clicking the button next to your domain when you test it in the validator, a pop-up box will show up where you need to write in some information about your domain and which twitter username should be the owner of the domain.

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