Case Study: Effectiveness of 90 Bucks Worth of SEOClerks Gigs

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Since I was new to the whole link building world and didn’t know how to effectively start building links, nor did I know how to create a bunch of them or tier them in any way, so for my first Serious “money site” i decided to outsource the offsite SEO part of project.

Domain Age:  5 Months
Niche: Web Hosting
Target Country: United States
PR: N/A(0)


Information About The Website

I started CloudBeast as a hobby project where I resell web hosting services from one of the largest web hosting companies that exists today, I aimed my price point to be on the cheap side as well as provided free hosting, I did this mostly to attract customers and because I wanted a bunch of free customers that I could use as training and a learning experience on how one should run a web hosting business, manage clients and deal with payments.

I promoted the website on at first and that attracted around 3 paying customers, several other free customers came through organic search or through hosting directories that I had submitted the site to, the free users make up around 90% of my customers, and most of them just sign up and don’t do anything with the site after signup.


Keyword Research

I did some keyword research and found a keyword and sub-niche I wanted to target, it had a low amount of searches per month but if i tailored my hosting services to that niche I would probably have more sales as it was relevant to what the user was searching for, as well as if you rank for one keyword, it’s easier to work your way up and rank for more competitive keywords down the road.

This keywords was: cheap personal webhosting.
Notice that the word “Web Hosting” is misspelled and put into one word, you will see why this is interesting later.


Preparation: On-Page SEO

Before I purchased the link building gigs from SEOClerks I started optimizing my title tags, meta tags and website content on my website, I added my keywords in the title like this: “CloudBeast | Cheap Personal Web Hosting”, and whatever was appropriate for the about, ToS and various other pages.

To make it imitatively clear what the website was about I added an image of some servers(Purchased from a stock image site) in the middle of the front page right above my CTA.


I also sprinkled some of my keywords into the main page where I have a little description of what my website offers and who it is for, granted this could and should be longer than the 250 words I used.


I added a very clearly defined Call-To-Action button on the center of the front page that said “Check Out Our Hosting Plans ->” in a strong orange color that fit nicely with the rest of the color scheme of the website


Link Building: SEOClerks Gigs

I used these services as they had the highest ratings, a lot of positive feed back and the provider of these services seemed competent in what they where doing.

Total Cost: $91 USD


Effect on Ranking

After I had let the campaign run for around 1-2 months I had successfully ranked in the top 5 for my target keyword, but not only had my site done that, it had also picked up rankings on various other keywords as well.

I used RankTracker(Watch my tutorial here) with proxies from BuyProxies to track and check all rankings and competition.

These keywords were

  • cheap personal web hosting (correctly spelled)
  • personal webhosting (misspelled)
  • cloud webhosting (misspelled)

RankTracker Overview (Read my Tutorial here)



I added a few other keywords when I noticed I was ranking for these as well, Sorry for not having earlier keyword ranking data, I purchased this software a few months after running this campaign.

Other Ranking Reports


Effect on Traffic

I have not seen any major increase in traffic although i get on average around 20~ unique visitors per day, if I start promoting it on various forums and blogs I might see a better increase in traffic and sales.


Google Analytics Reports




Effect on Sales and Profit

Despite my low cost web hosting and marketing efforts and discount codes I have yet to see an increase in sales, although this could be due to many factors like color choice, my simplistic design and the fact that my website does not have a lot of information about the service, this will be the first thing I am going to improve in the future.


WHMCS Reports




The Future Of CloudBeast

I am most likely going to continue running the service as a shared hosting provider, but I am going to move to another reseller provider so i can provide VPS’s and Dedicated servers at a discounted price, as well as provide better shared hosting and better customer support(managed by the reseller hosting provider).

UPDATE 23.04.2014

CloudBeast is now earning slightly above the double of what it costs to run, and I earn about 350~ USD extra annually with relatively little work.



This was a very interesting project to be a part of, although i did not build my own links, I saw good increase in SERP for my target keyword, as well as rankings on keywords i did not expect to rank for, even though no increased rate in sales, the bounce rate on the site is at a ~40 % which means that with a little bit of split testing and more content on the website namely the pricing page and adding a blog, would decrease the bounce rate and possibly increase sales, and a blog is always good for SEO as they like fresh and valuable content.

If I were to point at any part of the experiment and say “that was the most valuable thing i learned” It would be the experience I gained from responding to tickets, providing live customer support and setting up the website as a whole, it has given me the confidence that I could definitively handle at least hundred clients by myself without much work or experience.


Discount and Affiliate Program

Just to be nice, here is a 10% off discount code for 1 year of hosting with any plan on

Code: 10OFF

Use it during the checkout process.
Do you want to be a CloudBeast Affiliate? Join the CloudBeast Affiliate Program.

5 Responses to “Case Study: Effectiveness of 90 Bucks Worth of SEOClerks Gigs”

  1. Matt Schollmeyer

    I think trying to go about marketing with SEO for your particular niche is going to end up being one of the highest prices you could end up paying for customers. PPC is ridiculously expensive for hosting as well.

    You need to think of a Gimmick or just an alternate way to advertise.

    If you took that same budget, you could have bought some review videos from Fiverr, bought youtube views for the videos and probably seen a better increase in traffic and that traffic would have already had some trust built up from the review videos.

    For your free hosting, maybe you could do something like free wordpress hosting and everyday/time they want to access their admin location they have to use some kind of social locker to unlock that by tweeting or liking your site. Also everytime that comes up you could have a message that says get rid of this for only $5 month.

    I know this was a case study but I just think there’s so many other ways to go about actually promoting your business that are going to be more cost effective than SEO.

    • Helge Sverre Hessevik Liseth

      Interesting idea about the wordpress hosting, I do have sufficient skills and experience to provide Managed WordPress hosting, that might be something I will try in the future.

      I did use PPC for about a week when i first launched, but i very quickly found out that it was going to cost me way too much at that time.

  2. Vukasin

    I’m really glad if you are getting what you asking for Helge. I’m not maybe on your side with this, cause I don’t buy SEO services. I think that buying SEO services is a complete waste of time and money since Google will find a way to discover where there is a even few spammy links and punish you for it.
    I’m quite surprised that you are only getting 20 visitors per day, since that is extremely low for someone in the IM niche. I would suggest to start promoting your blog more often in order to create something better for yourself.

    All the best for you!

  3. Jordan

    Hi Helge,

    Amazing review. You selected three great services from two amazing users on SEOClerks. If you are looking for visitors, you may also want to consider sponsored tweets and blog reviews from each of the respective sections on SEOClerks.

    Additionally, I’d love to give all of your paid users free $25 coupons as an added sign-on bonus for using your hosting services. Please contact me on the help desk or via the email from this comment if you are interested.



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