3 Websites To Outsource Article Writing To

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Writing content for your SEO Articles that you post on your tier 1 links can be a time consuming and… well lets be totally honest, a VERY BORING task to do by yourself.

Therefore many people choose to outsource these daunting task to people who are skilled, cheap and works quickly, but the main problem with outsourcing is, where to get the best bang for your buck, I have compiled a list of 3 reliable and cheap places to outsource your article writing for SEO purposes.


1. oDesk

oDesk has quite a lot of freelancers on there and you can pick the ones you want to work with based on their rating, price, experience and geographical location, this feature alone is great if you are looking for the best writers.

You can also contact them before hand and ask for samples of their work or simply say hello.


2. TextBroker

Textbroker is a website that specializes in article writing, and is not a “generalized” freelancer site, once you sign up you are presented with a wizard that explains how everything works and helps you create your first project, this is very handy for a new user that has not used their services before and is highly recommended that you follow.

TextBroker Wizard

3. SEO Generals

SEO Generals is a place to get cheap and long articles with the keywords that you specify, and the website that you want to promote, this is very much meant to be used for article submission and not as actual content for your own website, they deliver the work in about 3 -6 exuding weekends.

On SEO Generals you pay using deposited credits, which costs 1 USD per 1 credit unless you purchase them in bulk(500 for $475), which some people might consider expensive, but you can specify the rank of your writer(Junior, Senior or Expert), you can also leave special instructions for the writer.

SEOGeneralsAll of these sites are great choices for your article writing needs, just remember that the article writer can only do so much with the information you provide them with, if you want a good quality article give them good instructions on what you want.


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