Ubot Studio 5 Review and Make Money With It

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Review of: Ubot Studio 5
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Seth Turin Media

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On November 17, 2013
Last modified:October 4, 2014


You can make some serious cash by creating Bots with this Tool, and you can do it quickly, No coding experience required.

So, I have been looking at this software for awhile now as I have some mundane tasks that I would love to automate to save a few hours to do other stuff on the internet.

Tasks like submitting my hosting company to web hosting directories,  creating Outlook accounts or any other type of account for that matter.


So what is UBot Studio?

Ubot Studio is pretty much the all in one solution for web automation, it gives you an easy programming interface where you can drag-and-drop commands into the Node Editor, which are commands like “fill this text field with username and press the submit button”.

You can also scrape data like google search results place them in a list and save that list as an CSV file.

In the new version of Ubot Studio you could also connect to an FTP server and upload the file, so if you use your imagination you could make a very comprehensible bot with this tool.

The main interface looks like this:


How do you use it?

Instead of creating my own tutorial videos I am just going to place the ones that the UBot Studio developer team have published on their website.

Ubot Tutorial Introduction Tutorial


You can watch the rest of the tutorials here.


Helge, This tool is sort of expensive, How do I earn it back?…

I know, I know, I was very hesitant of buying this tool at first, but then I started to do some number crunching, I looked at the time it would take me to create a product that I could sell, in my case I looked at a Outlook account creator program.

The process in itself is easy enough to automate, and would not take me more than a few hours at most, and I know that there is a medium to high demand for a product that creates accounts and saves the login details and such to a CSV.

Now think about SEOClerks, Fiverr or any other Internet Marketing focused marketplace, how many times have you not seen gigs like this:

The users above have made in total $223 from 27 sales by simply creating Hotmail accounts, which in you could do with a bot you’ve created with UBot Studio.

So How do I Earn Money with UBot Studio?

I sell custom bots on SEOClerks, Easy to setup, no start-up costs other than the software itself.

Although I have another niche site related to Ubot Studio, but I have not had the time to develop it into anything worth linking to yet(It’s a simple blog with duplicated content right now), But in the future when i have been established as a genuine Bot creator on SEOClerks and other places I will move my business onto that site with various E commerce plugins and a custom theme.



At that price all I really need to do to turn a profit is to sell 5 custom bots, granted it might be bit of work, you could put it in your gig description that you own all the rights to the software and can resell it as you like, and then sell the bot that you just made for a lower sum and earn some passive income.

I’ve already received some leads on future projects, even Barry was interested, he’s a pretty high profile guy over on SEOClerks, so this just shows that Web Automation Bots are a niche that is not yet been properly attacked, and you can easily make it big in this field! (click images to enlarge)



What I am also planning to do is to create a few generic bots like a Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, Quora account creator etc and sell them on SEOClerks and similar sites and my UBot Niche site after I have improved the theme and added some sort of e-commerce plugin that allows digital downloads to make a little bit of passive income(I’ll probably price them at $5-20 per bot).

I am also bidding on Scraping and Bot related jobs on oDesk and Freelancer.

The possibilities are almost endless…


Does UBot Studio Support Plugins?

Yes, In fact it does have a lot of free and paid plugins that you can download or buy from their Wiki Page or Forum.

If you are a programmer you can take a look at the  plugin development documentation and perhaps create and sell your own plugin.


Can I Automate Windows As Well?

Yes it can!

UBot gives you the ability to automate simple windows tasks, and they are constantly improving this feature, you can take a look at this video to get an idea on how this works.
You can move the mouse around and automate click and keyboard events and much more, the possibilities are almost endless if you are creative.


Can UBot Interact With Emails?

Yes it can, UBot can send emails, connect to a mail server, verify emails and even create a table from your emails, this makes it much easier to automate the process of activating accounts and other tasks that require you to interact with emails.

Here is a tutorial on how to do this:


Where Do I Sell My Compiled Bots?

There are a lot of places where you can sell your compiled bots, the ones I recommend are these ones:

If you plan on creating a bunch of bots and selling them on your own website, there is neat website that is called DigitalGoodsStore that lets you sell digital products, it also has the ability to have your own affiliates selling your products for you, and it even have their own little storefront that you can sign up for to have a landing page for your products.


What if someone steals my bots?

You might not know this, but UBot Studio is made in C#, Which is a programming language that uses the DotNet Framework from Microsoft, this is not really important to know, but any DotNET program is compiled down to an executable that can be decompiled using a tool like ILSpy or DotPeek.

This means that someone could potentially steal your bot, resell it and steal your revenue, BUT here is how you can prevent this from happening with the new feature in Ubot Studio 5!

Do You Need Additional License Management?

If you require something more advanced with license management and product acitivation, there is a plugin that will do that for you as well.

Here is also a video on how it works:


You can read the forum thread about this plugin here, It is not free though, it is meant for serious sellers, If you are making bots for your own personal use, you won’t be needing this.


which version SHOULD I CHOOSE?


I would recommend that you start with the Standard Edition and as you get more and more confident that you know what you are doing in the software you can upgrade to either Professional or Developer.

The Professional Edition is the one that most people are gonna want to upgrade to because of the ability to use Advanced Image Recognition for better CAPTCHA solving, Performance Enhancers(Faster bots), Multithread(Run multiple versions of) your Bot and Utilize MySQL Databases as well as the ability to control flash elements.

Most people are not going to need to remove the UBot Branding or Customize the user interface.

That is more for people who develop bots with UBot and sell them, but if that is what you have planned to do with UBot Studio, by all means go ahead and upgrade to the Developer Edition!

You can read more about Ubot Studio and look at all the features and documentation on the Ubot Studio Website.


Thanks for reading :)

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