Guest Post: Overcoming the Difficulties of SEO for eCommerce

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I've gotten the help of the very talented freelance writer to write up a guest post about SEO for eCommerce, as I have recently been experimenting a lot with selling physical goods online, and have always been a fan of the idea, You all might know that I have been selling web hosting services for a while now, and i wanted to try my luck with physical goods. But since I don't have a warehouse to put a lot of products in, I went for a more Individual-Friendly method of selling online; Dropshipping. I Read more

Split Testing in Google Analytics Tutorial

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Google experiments split test
Let me answer the first question that pops into your mind straight away! What is Split testing? Split testing is a way to test 2 different version of a website/squeeze page/Sales page to see which one of them performs better in terms of CTR(Click Through Rate). You can do minor or major changes to their web pages when split testing different version, you do this by either changing images, colors, placement and the body copy(your marketing text-mumbo jumbo) and see which one increases the rate Read more

Ubot Studio 5 Review and Make Money With It

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So, I have been looking at this software for awhile now as I have some mundane tasks that I would love to automate to save a few hours to do other stuff on the internet. Tasks like submitting my hosting company to web hosting directories, ¬†creating Outlook accounts or any other type of account for that matter.   So what is UBot Studio? Ubot Studio is pretty much the all in one solution for web automation, it gives you an easy programming interface where you can drag-and-drop commands Read more

How I got 300+ High Quality Backlinks by Releasing Free Software

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Helge's Switchblade Logo
In march last year I created a simple software application for windows called Helge's Switchblade, which i actively developed for 5 months, released by myself on Sourceforge, and later decided to put it up on my own website with a simple landing page I bought from Themeforest, I then customized it a bit, added a navigation bar and uploaded my software onto my server. The template I bought had an email form that looked nice, so I decided I was going to use this to build a little Software Niche Read more

Case Study: Effectiveness of 90 Bucks Worth of SEOClerks Gigs

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Since I was new to the whole link building world and didn't know how to effectively start building links, nor did I know how to create a bunch of them or tier them in any way, so for my first Serious "money site" i decided to outsource the offsite SEO part of project. Domain: Domain Age: ¬†5 Months Niche: Web Hosting Target Country: United States PR: N/A(0)   Information About The Website I started CloudBeast as a hobby project where I resell web hosting services from Read more

Short SEO Survey

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SEO Survey

I am curious as to what SEO Tools my readers use on a regular basis, so I created this short survey, If you would take 20 seconds to fill it out It would be highly appreciated.

The results will be published at a later date.