I Bought BuzzBundle

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So i finally went ahead and bought the BuzzBundle software after seeing Matthew Woodward’s review.

It did cost me a steep 199 USD, but I believe that the power of this tool can help me earn that back within a few months or so, this will definitively help me increase my social media presence and give me a whole new platform to promote my content to, as well as be able to help people with SEO and marketing tips that I would otherwise not be able to reach via my usual flow of contacts and forums.

The main factor that made me purchase this tool is that it will go out and search for my keywords, and fetch relevant posts on Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter and various other platforms and give you this nice interface where you can Retweet, Comment and Reply to the post, tweet or thread.

Buzzbundle Commenter

You setup Keyword groups which will appear in at the top in a tab, this is useful if you own multiple websites and want to promote them both in the same project.

BuzzBundle Keyword Group


And you get a nice and understandable “event log” which will tell you what happened in detail, and what went wrong, It appears that the software is programmed in Java, so you will get some Java errors if you click on “show details”, you could probably copy and paste this into an email and send to the developers if you find a bug or something.

BuzzBundle event logger


And if you choose to you can setup personas and profiles, this is useful if you manage a social media compaign for clients or you want to appear as someone else(a customer at a store or similar).

BuzzBundle Persona editor


I wont go into detail in this post, I am slightly intoxicated right now(It’s friday, give me a break ;D ) so it would only be rambling if i tried to go into any kind of detail.

I will publish a Review after I’ve used this tool for awhile!
You can read more about BuzzBundle on their website(affiliate link).

13 Responses to “I Bought BuzzBundle”

  1. Jim

    I watched the video. I admit it seems a pretty useful app for SEO.
    Did you already try it?
    Does it let you to easily automate the process of creating multiple personas/profiles?
    I ask cause in the video he creates just one persona/profile he even says he uses his twitter account instead of creating new.

    • Helge Sverre

      I have tried it already, It seems its failing on fetching some of the results for some reason, i submitted at ticket to the devs, i don’t think its the proxies as i bought 10 private ones that im rotating.

      Regarding the persona creation, you can have mutliple personas, which contain some basic information about you that will be used to account creation, for example:
      the software has saved my name and email, and i want to create a new twitter account, I will then click on “create profile -> twitter” and it will fill in those fields for me, so it does speed it up quite considerably, but it does not fully automate the process.

      There is a free trial available on their website, you should try it out :)

      • Jim

        I will try it.
        Just got a question. Doesn’t it conbect ti free proxies that it knows? I mean do you have to buy proxy services separetly?

        • Helge Sverre

          It does scrape proxies by itself, but I did not realize this at the time and bought 10 proxies from buyproxies.org.

          Oh well, I can probably use them for Scrapebox or something instead.

  2. Paul S

    Good one, Helge Sverre.
    I got BuzzBundle some time ago, still figuring out how to use it, lol
    This software has a steep learning curve, but if you know how to use it, it does an amazing job.
    I learned to do a few tricks with it. Maybe I’ll share them with the world one day…

    Till then,

  3. Anthony

    I’ve been holding out for a few months now, but would really like to pull the trigger on this.

    After having a few months with it, does it seem like a worthy purchase?

  4. Philip Kleudgen

    Hi Helge,

    I just bought the tool few weeks ago and since used it heavily :-)

    It’s really useful and drives targeted traffic. i just started a new marketing blog and got over 5000 visitors alone in the first month.

    For me BuzzBundle doesn’t drive the majority of my visitors, but definetly the most targeted group of people.

  5. Your helpful elf

    Out of interest, what modifiers are you using? I’ve tried adding ‘help’ and ‘wanted’ to my keywords but am mostly just finding competitors who are offering the solution I want to.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’m find a lot more sellers than buyers :)

  6. Arafin Shaon

    This has to be one of the best “SEO” tools that I have used to date. It is not about building links but really finding your target audeince which took me hours to do each and every day before I started using BuzzBundle. Seems that the updates have gotten better over time, cheers!


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