What is PPD and How to Monetize It?

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You may have heard a term called PPD or Pay-Per-Download, this is a term used to
refer to websites that lets you upload files, and pay you per download you get on that file.

Quite self explanatory to be honest… but…

How do these sites make money?

The way these websites make money is mostly through Advertising, Popups/Popunders, and Surveys.

This means that whenever someone is directed to the download page either a popup, an ad, or a “Complete this survey to download” will appear before the user can download a file and the revenue from all of this is enough to pay for storage space and servers.

I have seen this a lot in forums related to Hacking and Blackhat stuff, Like Hackforums and various others, that upload their free hacking tools to one of these PPD sites, then post a thread with the link to the PPD file in one of these forums and let the users go and download it after completing a survey or seeing an ad, depending on the site.

Two of the most popular PPD sites are Sharecash(This is an affiliate link) and Cleanfiles.


how can I make money off of this?

I believe that the best way to make money off of PPD sites is to join the dark side… the blackhat forums!
These are some methods I have seen being used around various forums and sites.

Method 1 – The Proxies Scheme

This scheme can work well in blackhat SEO forums where people are looking for private proxies to use with their SEO tools, here is the method:

  1. Purchase a bunch of(100~) working proxies from BuyProxies.
    (Or scrape and test your own)
  2. Put them in a text file
  3. Upload it to your PPD of choice, Copy the link
  4. Paste the link in a new forum thread saying something

Method 2 – The Ebook Packer

  1. Purchase or Find those PLR Ebook Packs with at least 100 Ebooks
  2. Zip them down and Upload to your PPD site
  3. Post link in a forum with your link and list all the Ebooks included.


To be totally honest with you guys, I am not a fan of these technique and PPD in general, I think it’s very blackhat and I personally have not done this, I have only seen other people do it.
I would rather create my own content and sell it than using these techniques, but I will let you judge for yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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