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If you know me either in real life or on the “interwebz”, you would know that I have a weak spot for good software, something that has a friendly user interface, does what it advertises, works fast and is easy to get your hands on without jumping through enormous hoops(Yeah I’m looking at you Oracle!).

Therefore I like promoting good software offers, be it an SEO tool or something that just cleans your registry.

I love all of that stuff, so I was looking for an affiliate network that had a lot of software offers, so as the noob I am I turned to ClickBank(affiliate link), and started to look for offers on some good software, to my dismay however, I found low quality shovel-ware that nobody in their right mind would ever try to purchase.

Frustrated with ClickBank I turned to Commission Junction, where I found a few programs that was sort of what I was looking for but not quite, I also found that a LOT of their programs need manual review to get into some of the publishers programs, this is not something I wanted to waste my time on, so I looked around at some of my favorite software publisher’s websites namely IOBit, Link-Assistant and Zemana to see if they had their own in-house affiliate programs for their software.

And I noticed that they were using BlueSnap(Plimus), and Avangate, and they offered an excellent commission, I’m going to tell you the pro’s and cons of these to networks.




  • They have A LOT of offers available, I checked and there is currently 26013 products from 1502 vendors, and new ones is added every day!
  • The commissions you get on some of the offers are often up in the 40-70% range
  • You can create custom discounts, I recently did a review on IOBit Advanced System Care over on my software review site(WiP) and I created a custom 50% discount code with the site name as the coupon code, although this will be subtracted off of your affiliate commission it can help you increase your affiliate sales.
  • You can customize where your affiliate link will point to, for example you could have a “buy now” button on your site that leads the user directly to the shopping cart to purchase a piece of software instantly, or you can point the link to the product page(what I do) to give the user more information.
  • The user interface is very user-friendly and you can find the information you need pretty easily.
  • Most of the vendors have enabled “automatic approval” of partnership requests, this means that you can find a product, request partnership, write your review and publish it in the matter of an hour or so depending on your writing speed, in contrast to CJ which can take you up to a week to get approved.


  • The product filtering could be better, there is no way to hide all products from a vendor you are not interested in, for example, there was a vendor named wondersoft(or something like that) which had tons of these video conversion products which I was not interested in at all, and had to click through 10~pages to get past these products.

I don’t really have a lot of cons to give to Avangate, it have treated me nicely, and I find their service easy, fast and very powerful, I totally recommend them if you are planning on promoting software or offering software coupon codes.







  • Their product search list gives you a nice overview of the product title, average earnings per sale, the commission rate, how many active affiliates there are promoting the product, a short description and a marketplace score
  • Their “Product Links” page gives you a great overview of the affiliate links of the products you are currently promoting, and gives you the ability to export the list of “BuyNow”, “Trial Download” and “Product Information” Links to Excel or a CSV file, this is an excellent feature to have!
  • The dashboard gives you a nice overview of the sales you have generated, and when the last payment was sent, as well as a list of the products you are promoting with a nice list of sales and revenue.


  • Their dashboard and product search can be quite slow at times, searching is particularly slow sometimes.
  • They don’t have as many products to promote as Avangate, currently there is around 1300 products.
  • This might be nitpicking on my part, but their strict password policy prohibits you from using a previous password going all they way back to 10 last passwords used… I mean seriously.. Punish me more will ya?


BlueSnapProductLinks BlueSnapList


If you are looking for ways to monetize your software review site, coupon site or whatever you are doing related to software I would suggest checking out both of them, they are both free to join, and you don’t have to do anything fancy to get accepted into the programs, most of the vendors/publishers have automatic approval enabled so you can quickly go through their product database and find the ones you want to promote, and get your links and coupons almost instantly.

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2 Responses to “Best Affiliate Networks For Software Offers”

  1. Karan

    How to create a link which automatically applies the custom discount coupon generated in Avangate? Pls help on this

  2. Ujiro

    This Review of Bluesnap is honest, accurate and very true. Men I love your review of Bluesnap. As a user of Bluesnap everything u said here I have experienced.

    But I think one thing u didn’t mention here is the slowness of their response to “Hit vs Sales (By unique IP)” Reports. Every time I made such a request through their Reporting Section the system will slowly respond and most of the time the system never respond. I have to contact Bluesnap via email to get this report.
    Although you mentioned slowness of their product search you never mentioned this one. Probably u haven’t experienced it or maybe u have not made use of their Reporting Section.


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