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Building backlinks and monitoring your ranking is highly important in this era of Internet marketing, I have compiled a list of free seo tools that are either free or have a free trial available.

Backlink Building & Checking Tools

  • Licorne AIO (Trial) – You can download a 5-Day Trial of this extremely useful backlink building tool, it really stacks up closely against Ultimate Demon, SENuke XCR and XRummer, In many ways it exceels all of those tools combined.
  • RankSignals – Simple and clean interface, they also have a great Chrome Plugin that you can use to instantly check a site’s PageRank, Unique & Total Backlinks and the Alexa rank.
  • OpenSiteExplorer – Owned by MOZ, opensiteexplorer is a great way to check your Domain & Page Authority, Total Backlinks and nice list of the Anchor text, and the linking page’s page & domain Authority
  • aHrefs – Gives you a lot of information, but sadly you have to pay to get some of the more interesting details about your domain.
  • MajesticSEO – Useful for checking how many backlinks you’ve got, but other than that, the free version of MajesticSEO is not that impressive.

Social Media Tools and Services

  • CoolSocial – Great way to quickly check how your social network presence is going, read more here.
  • BuzzBundle (Trial)- This insanely powerful tool gives you the ability to interact with forums, Twitter, Facebook and blog comments all from one place, this way you don’t have to waste time searching for places to comment.

SERP Rank Checking Tools

  • RankTracker (Trial) – This tool is one of my personal favorites, you give it your url, then you can choose between a plethora of search engines and put in your keywords, and then it goes out to each one and fetches your search engine position. Read and Watch my Tutorial Here

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  1. Prabal Chowdhury

    I appreciate your list of SEO tools. I also use a good tool for that. Its ColibriTool. I prefer Colibri for Powerful SEO Monitoring. You can use ColibriTool as Advanced Keyword position checker, backlinks analysis, keyword opportunities, advanced monitoring of competitors, on-page SEO analysis and much more. Here you go with it

  2. Situsaya

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