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SEO Minisite Network Guide part 1

SEO Minisite Network Guide – Part 1

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What is a SEO Minisite Network An SEO Minisite is a website with about 6-10 pages of high quality content that is HAND WRITTEN by someone knowledgeable in the Minisite theme, every article has 1-3 links to authority websites, the “best” article on the minisite has the optimized link that goes to your “money site”, […]

Drop Shipping

The Basics of Dropshipping

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You’ve always wanted an online store selling products to your customers right? I know i have, I’ve always wanted to own a computer store that sells laptops, desktops and eve custom built computers, although i have not realized my dream of woning an online store yet, after hearing about the wonderfulness of dropshipping i realized […]

top 10 wordpress plugins for internet marketers

My Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

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WordPress is awesome, let’s all agree on that, but sometimes it lacks the functionality you need to make your awesome website SUPER Awesome, This is where plugins come in! I’ve compiled a top 10 list of WordPress plugins that I use on a daily basis and help my website look better and work better!   […]


RankTracker Review and Tutorial

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Rank Tracker is tool for tracking your websites keyword ranking performance and is a part of the SEO Powersuite¬†from Link-Assistant, which are the leaders in SEO Software(their words). After using RankTracker from Link-assistant for a while now, I must say I am quite impressed with the software, it works efficiently, fast and gets the job […]

buzzbundle review

Quick Tip: How to fix BuzzBundle Failures

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When i first bought BuzzBundle,¬†I had a huge problem with scraping failures when I tried to go out and grab posts from different places, I contacted the support team and they gave me these 3 simple things I could try to improve my scraping, I thought I’d them with you all. Preferences -> Search safety […]