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How to do Negative SEO

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Negative SEO is the process of pretty much spamming a competitor site with shitty backlinks that will hurt their website ranking, it is a very unethical and evil seo technique, but sometimes people deserve it. I’d recommend that you outsource negative SEO services to someone who knows what they are doing, I usually recommend Negative […]


Top 5 SEOCerks Gigs to increase your SERP!

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SEOClerks is a website filled with thousands of “seo experts” pushing their products and services, this is both a good thing and a bad thing as there are thousands of low quality gigs that will either damage your site, or simply not deliver on their promise, sometimes they will even just out right scam you for […]


How to get free .gov backlinks

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Go to this URL: Enter your URL, remember to include http:// Click on the blue button that says “Generate Backlinks” Copy all the links. Index by “pinging”, OneHourIndexing, Lindexed or whatever other indexing service you are using.


Use Meta Tags for Facebook and Twitter

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As you may know, Google is not using the <meta type="keywords">  for ranking anymore, in fact very few search engines are, although you should not neglect this Meta tag, your focus should be on other tags instead. Here are 2 pieces of MicroData that you should add to your website to increase its potential to be shared […]


Guest Post: Overcoming the Difficulties of SEO for eCommerce

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I’ve gotten the help of the very talented freelance writer to write up a guest post about SEO for eCommerce, as I have recently been experimenting a lot with selling physical goods online, and have always been a fan of the idea, You all might know that I have been selling web hosting services for […]

Helge's Switchblade Logo

How I got 300+ High Quality Backlinks by Releasing Free Software

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In march last year I created a simple software application for windows called Helge’s Switchblade, which i actively developed for 5 months, released by myself on Sourceforge, and later decided to put it up on my own website with a simple landing page I bought from Themeforest, I then customized it a bit, added a […]