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Ubot Studio 5 Review and Make Money With It

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So, I have been looking at this software for awhile now as I have some mundane tasks that I would love to automate to save a few hours to do other stuff on the internet. Tasks like submitting my hosting company to web hosting directories, ¬†creating Outlook accounts or any other type of account for […]


Selling PLR Blogs on Flippa

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I like to “window shop” on Flippa, i find it quite entertaining to read the descriptions on websites people have made, and determining if it is a site that was created to be sold, or if it was a successful website the owner can no longer run or maintain? There are one specific type of […]

What is PPD and How to Monetize It?

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You may have heard a term called PPD or Pay-Per-Download, this is a term used to refer to websites that lets you upload files, and pay you per download you get on that file. Quite self explanatory to be honest… but… How do these sites make money? The way these websites make money is mostly […]


How to Sell Traffic Gigs on SEOClerks

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Getting traffic for your website is essential, and certain people are desperate for fast results and high hit counts for their website or squeeze page. This is something a smart person like yourself could easily monetize by selling these individuals targeted bulk traffic in their niche and a targeted country. I took a look at […]