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How to do Negative SEO

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Negative SEO is the process of pretty much spamming a competitor site with shitty backlinks that will hurt their website ranking, it is a very unethical and evil seo technique, but sometimes people deserve it. I'd recommend that you outsource negative SEO services to someone who knows what they are doing, I usually recommend Negative SEO Link as their prices are affordable and the ordering process is very easy and straight forward. you could also use fiverr, but the effectiveness of this is Read more

SEO Minisite Network Guide – Part 1

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SEO Minisite Network Guide part 1
What is a SEO Minisite Network An SEO Minisite is a website with about 6-10 pages of high quality content that is HAND WRITTEN by someone knowledgeable in the Minisite theme, every article has 1-3 links to authority websites, the "best" article on the minisite has the optimized link that goes to your "money site", you can chain the minisites by linking from one to the other contextually in 1 or 2 articles, but not any more than that. This can be scaled up as much as you want and can afford, I Read more

Top 5 SEOCerks Gigs to increase your SERP!

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SEOClerks is a website filled with thousands of "seo experts" pushing their products and services, this is both a good thing and a bad thing as there are thousands of low quality gigs that will either damage your site, or simply not deliver on their promise, sometimes they will even just out right scam you for your cash. But, I there are also very many high quality gigs that will greatly improve your website rankings as shown in my seoclerks case study that I wrote a few months ago, where I Read more

The Basics of Dropshipping

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Drop Shipping
You've always wanted an online store selling products to your customers right? I know i have, I've always wanted to own a computer store that sells laptops, desktops and eve custom built computers, although i have not realized my dream of woning an online store yet, after hearing about the wonderfulness of dropshipping i realized that it actually is quite possible to create pretty much any kind of online store without having to know manefacturers, distribution companies or other suppliers, All Read more

Use Meta Tags for Facebook and Twitter

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As you may know, Google is not using the <meta type="keywords">  for ranking anymore, in fact very few search engines are, although you should not neglect this Meta tag, your focus should be on other tags instead. Here are 2 pieces of MicroData that you should add to your website to increase its potential to be shared and possibly ranked a little bit higher in the search engines. These tags give Facebook and Twitter(and other social networks) various information about your blog Read more